You can now taste the authentic and exceptional Kobe beef of Ishida in Tokyo!

Kobe steak Ishida is proud to present its newly opened restaurant in Ginza.

Kobe Steak Ishida Ginza Honten is a luxurious restaurant serving the finest authentic Kobe beef.

The restaurant also proudly serves A5 rank Chateaubriand Steak, which is not available at Ishida in Kobe.

The "six-sided grilling technique" of our chefs allow the juicy flavors of Kobe beef to be locked-in the meat.

Ishida is suitable for a wide variety of occasions, with counter seats and private rooms available.

Please visit Kobe Steak Ishida Ginza Honten for the finest Kobe beef.

※ Ginza SIX and ishida Ginza Honten are different restaurants.

About Restaurant

Ishida has the highest standards of quality and obtains only authentic Kobe beef. Only the highest premium quality Kobe beef is handpicked by the owner and provided to guests at Ishida. Sink your teeth into sumptuous Kobe beef at Ishida and relax in extravagance where expert chefs grill the meat to perfection right before you.

Restaurant Information

Kobe Steak Ishida. Ginza Honten
(神戸牛ステーキ Ishida. 銀座本店)
※ Ginza SIX and Ishida Ginza Honten are different restaurants.
【Smoking】All non-smoking
【Chidlren】Please include the age of your child at the time of reservation.


Reservations required
【How to make a reservation】
Booking available from this official page where online payment is required for course.
Any additional orders made at the restaurant can be paid at the restaurant.


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【Location】Japan, Tokyo, Ginza
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